Children's Cooking Links

Children's cooking sites can be a great way to help everyone in the family get involved in making food and having fun. Cooking together can open conversation on a range of topics, from the days events, to for where food comes from, and to what makes a healthy diet. For kid's cooking sites, the most important thing to remember is that some sites are more useful than others. While some sites are there to help your family have a great time making and eating food, others are there trying to get more of the child market share and may slant nutritional rules for their own market driven goals. One excellent cooking site that has nothing but healthy eating, living, and learning in mind is, sponsored by the Nemours Foundation. has exciting information for kids, teens, and parents on cooking and a range of other resources - from counseling help to fun and educational material on how bodies work and what can be done to make sure our bodies work as well as possible. For specific kids and cooking information, hop over to the cooking section of KidsHealth at

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