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Twice as Many Friends
    by John Cech

In the global village, it's becoming necessary for us all to learn several languages -- and in the United States today, that second language may well be Spanish. For children, acquiring some fluency in another langauge isn't the problem that it is for many adults -- the lanaguage centers of the brain are open to new sounds, in a way they aren't later in life. Especially if those sounds come flowing in like this, from the Latin group, Sol y Canto on their recording from Rounder Records called Twice As Many Friends. Here's a cumbia sample from the title song:

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Using a vivid palette of Latin musical styles and fluid, natural, bi-lingual dialogues, Sol y Canto offers songs about such things as the days of the week, numbers, and the kinds of simple sounds you can make with the musical instrument called your body:

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There's kite-flying and paper boat sailing, contemplating a rainbow, and a song tribute to "Casa Planeta."-- the planet that is our house. I'd urge you to try out Twice as Many Friends with your children, so that we can all sing about zapatos together -- it'll be twice as much fun:

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